High Quality Residential & Commercial Renovations

PSL Construction is a registered corporation within the province of British Columbia. We guarantee that all of our work meets or exceeds municipal and provincial standards. We hold appropriate liability coverage and we ensure all of our projects meet Work Safe BC standards. We also warrantee our work for one year after work is completed.



PSL Construction is fully covered. We carry liability insurance and ensure that all of our people are covered under Work Safe BC. For larger projects we will carry individual construction policies. Before hiring a contractor, ask for their proof of insurance and that their Work Safe BC Premiums are up to date. It is important to carry full insurance and we want you to be properly insured. Before undertaking any construction project contact your insurance broker and see if your policy covers:

  • Liability claims from construction operations

  • How much the policy covers

  • Who the policy will and will not cover



PSL Construction puts a one-year warranty on all of its General Contracting work. We extend this warranty, to our clients, to ensure that the products that we install perform and function properly.