What is a laneway home?

A Lane way home is a separate dwelling or a guest home on the back end of a property. It usually replaces the garage and is similar to a coach house. If you would like to replace an existing garage, new parking requirements may vary by your lot size.

Why has the city introduced this concept?

The goal of Laneway homes is to increase the number of people living in Vancouver and provide for affordable rental housing within the city. Affordable housing in Vancouver will help decrease urban sprawl.

How can you benefit from a lane way home?

A laneway home is a great way to add value to your property. It can serve as a secondary residence for family members. A laneway home can be the perfect solution for giving a family member Independence while still being close to home. A laneway home can be set up as a rental suite to generate additional income from your property. It also helps improve the quality of you lane and reduces you communities overall environmental impact.

Who qualifies for a laneway home?

Property owners whose lot is at least 33 feet wide and with an open lane, on a double fronting street or on a corner with a corner lane dedication. Properties located in communities which allow Laneway Homes or Accessory Dwellings, such as:


1) Vancouver RS-1 and RS-5 zoned homes

2) Maple Ridge

3) North Vancouver