High Quality Residential & Commercial Renovations

Aaron was a delight to deal with as my on site project manager for the renovation of my kitchen and the addition of a lovely covered deck to my craftsman 1910 Shaughnessy home.

The project resulted in my gorgeous kitchen with its intricate finishing work (wainscoting, etc. ) created to match the rest of the house. (Even the city inspector commented on the exceptional quality of the work!)

Aaron did an excellent job managing the numerous sub trades to ensure a high quality of work, and the results of his hard work speak for themselves: my kitchen was featured in BC Homes magazine. He was responsible, punctual and a pleasure to deal with during this major renovation which took us back to the lath and plaster.

Nicole Clement, Vancouver, BC


Hi guys, I just wanted to let you know it was a pleasure working with PSL. I was thoroughly impressed with your speed and quality of workmanship. I was extremely happy with your suggestion to remove the wall in the living room. I now have an excellent area to entertain guests. I'm very happy I decided to go with you rather than tackle this as a DIY project. Your ability to provide a quality finish on such a tight deadline is amazing.

       I've worked with other contractors and renovators before and I must say you guys set the standard. Thanks for making my house into my dream house. To be honest, I didn't think I was going to be this pleasurable renovating but working with you really helped make this job fun. Thank you, Aaron and Dal, for an amazing experience!

Kevin Kim



PSL was great about keeping us up to date on the process, communicated well, and in a friendly manner. The cost of the work was well in line with expectations, and no hidden surprises later. We had asked for a few bids, and they came in the middle. The lower quotes were attempting to do patches, but not address the root cause. We felt PSL had the right approach for the proper fix, and the good vibe they gave off was validated by their work and the end result.

The timing worked out that they were able to do the door repairs with the minimum amount of disruption too. They did a great job matching up the doors and trim to the existing styles and paint.

I definitely would ask them to do work in the future.


James and Myla Burke